My photography on display at Satchel’s Pizza

artwork on display at Satchel's Pizza

I assisted my friends in hanging more than 80 of their pen, ink and watercolor art. I even got out of my comfort zone and did a couple of watercolors, too.

What a treat to have some of my photography on display at Satchel’s Pizza, along with two friends’ pen, ink and watercolor art.

Deciding which photographs to display provided me the opportunity to revisit photographs I’ve taken of many great trips.

Julie Dodd's photography at Satchel's Pizza

My photographs add to the festive atmosphere at Satchel’s, which is decorated with all kinds of creative work by Satchel and the employees.

I included two photographs from a hike on the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon.

One photo was taken from the South Rim, looking down into the Canyon at the start of the hike.

The other photo was taken from Indian Gardens, about halfway to the bottom of the Canyon, looking up at the South Rim. Taking that photo required a 9-mile roundtrip hike. The temperature was 120 degrees at Indian Gardens.

Several photographs — mountain laurel, rushing mountain streams and rhododendron — were taken during hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a favorite location since I hiked there with my family and Girl Scout troop.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from friends who ate at Satchel’s and saw my work.

My photographs will be on display (and for sale) until September 1.

Satchel’s has great salads and pizza and is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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