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When you teach a large lecture course, your students may be everywhere you are

I teach a course that has about 250 students each semester. That’s about 500 students a year. And they’re everywhere. Not just in the auditorium. I enjoy running into my current and former student on campus. With almost 50,000 students on campus, UF can be a big and impersonal place. So hearing, “Hi, Dr. Dodd” […]

UF is a Pepsi campus — signs deal with Pepsi and the Coke machines are taken away

UF is a Pepsi campus – After about five years of being a Coca Cola campus, UF signed an exclusive agreement with Pepsi. The trucks came and took away all the Coke machines and replaced them with Pepsi machines. A few of the machines, like this one, even promote UF’s National Championship basketball program. Only […]