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We were ready to try out Mediasite, but Mediasite wasn’t ready for us

My 6th-period lecture on Thursday was to be the debut of Mediasite for me. I had decided I was interested in trying out this new technology setup when I learned that Gannett Auditorium was one of the auditoriums at the University of Florida that was to be equipped with Mediasite. Mediasite was being installed in […]

When you teach a large lecture course, your students may be everywhere you are

I teach a course that has about 250 students each semester. That’s about 500 students a year. And they’re everywhere. Not just in the auditorium. I enjoy running into my current and former student on campus. With almost 50,000 students on campus, UF can be a big and impersonal place. So hearing, “Hi, Dr. Dodd” […]

Teaching online — start with one concept not the whole course

I read William Pannapacker’s essay “Online Learning: Reaching Out to the Skeptics,” on The Chronicle of Higher Education online and was reminded of a key aspect of making online learning work for faculty — starting with a bite-sized learning concept. The meat of Pannapacker’s essay is the last half when he talks about steps faculty […]

Considering how to put Slide:ology’s principles into practice

Today’s class was on using PowerPoint (or other presentation software) more effectively as teachers. The students’ preparation was reading Nancy Duarte’s “Slide:ology: The art and science of creating great presentations” and identifying 5 to 10 tips and strategies that they could use in creating slides for their own teaching. We started class with an activity. […]

Slide-ology cover

The flu could make Slide:ology required reading for UF faculty

In preparation for the potential of a flu outbreak at the University of Florida, the UF administration has announced ways that teachers will be expected to make their course materials available online for those students who cannot attend class because they have the flu and those who do not attend class because they do not […]

Who needs PowerPoint?

In Mass Communication Teaching, everyone has taught class for 10 minutes, explaining an educational theory/theorist and using PowerPoint. In preparing for this short presentation, the class discussed PowerPoint. Everyone agreed that PowerPoint is used too often and typically not that effectively. But we agreed that PPT is an expected tool in one’s teaching strategies so […]