Hogwarts and UF   

Lauren Ruff was one of the students recognized at the College of Journalism and Communications Awards Banquet this week, receiving an award as one of the top advertising students.

I’ve followed her progress in the college since she was a student in my MMC 2100 lab. She has been the director of AdWorks, an ad agency within the college chapter of Ad Society. She has studied in Japan. She had an advertising internship last summer in Chicago.

When she completed her portfolio at the end of the course with me, I realized that we had a common interest — Harry Potter. Her portfolio cover featured an artwork version of Lauren wearing a Griffendor scarf.

So our e-mails and conversations have included updates on Harry Potter. Part of the magic of Harry Potter has been the ability to bring together the imagination and enthusiasm of readers (and viewers) of a variety of ages. She and I have enjoyed discussing the parallels of Hogwarts to other education settings and the creativity of J.K. Rowling.

And in three weeks, Lauren will accomplish what Hermione, Harry and Ron weren’t able to do by the end of the Harry Potter book series (because they were busy battling Voldemort) — graduate!

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