Telling a story with Soundslides

One of the technology learning experiences for the class was creating a Soundslides presentation. The class worked in pairs — determining a topic for the story they would tell, taking the photos, and recording the audio.

Colleague Judy Robinson taught the class how to use Audacity and Garageband to edit their audio files.

The teams reviewed their photos and audio. They edited their audio. They selected their photos. With the deadline approaching, they put their audio file and folder of photos into Soundslides. They sorted their photos to coordinate with their audio file. In this photo, Susan and Jim are working on their project.

And then with a click of the Soundslides button, the program was created.

Each team introduced the Soundslides they had created, and we watched each — and gave them a round of applause.

The teachers learned new software and tried it out for themselves. They also discussed how this hands-on experience helped them think about their own teaching.

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