I’m interested in your comments

I’m interested in your comments

When I started this Tumblr blog in January 2007, I had several motivations:

  • Blogging was going to be an assignment in a course I teach, and I had never blogged before.
  • My technology advisor and colleague Judy Robinson told me that I could blog from my iPhone with Tumblr. That now is an option with other blog platforms but wasn’t at that time.
  • Tumblr didn’t allow for posting comments.

When I started the blog, I hadn’t thought I was ready to take on the dialogue that can develop in a blog. But as time went on, I found that those of you who are keeping up with my blog would wind up “posting” your comments to me in a phone conversation or an e-mail.

So I thought I should include comments as providing you and me with a more complete blogging experience. But then part of the reason I selected Tumblr was that it didn’t allow for comments.

In looking through Tumblr’s Help section, I found that I could modify my account so that comments could be made. That involved opening a DISQUS account and then changing the HTML code of my account.

Although I’ve had Web sites for years, I’ve maintained the sites with Web software like Dreamweaver — and before that Claris Homepage. But this change to my blog required code. Looking through the Tumblr code to find the specific (very specific) location for the new code’s placement and then pasting the DISQUS code into the Tumblr code.

Looks like it works! It knocked out my color scheme, but I can make those changes.

What I’m looking forward to is hearing from you.

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