Dress for success?

A friend and I were eating and noticed out the window on the patio when a group of four arrived, as each had a small dog. They worked on getting the dogs’ leashes teethered to the patio furniture.

One of the four was in a very, very short sundress. This photo gives the general idea, but the dress was much shorter.

We commented about that not being the best dress for bending down to tie the leash. That led to a discussion about students sometimes wearing inappropriate clothing — for interviews or even for class. We noted that parents could have the opportunity for clothing conversations, too.

I’ve had some students wearing similar outfits arrive in my office and have to decide if that’s the time to initiate a conversation about clothing for the workplace. Sometimes I do comment, especially if the student has that kind of attire for our practice interview activity. Sometimes I wait until another day so the student won’t feel self-conscious (assuming the student would) while wearing the outfit I have commented on. Sometimes I decide that a fashion critique would not be appropriate.

As my friend and I were getting ready to leave the restaurant, I hear, “Dr. Dodd.”

It’s the gal in that very short dress. I realize she is a former student in the large lecture class. I ask her about her activities for the summer. She is in Reporting. (And not wearing that dress, I hope, when she conducts her interviews.) And she introduces me to her father, who is so happy to be in town to visit her that I don’t think he’ll be planning to talk with her about her wardrobe.

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