How much should instructors model their syllabus policies on the university’s recommended syllabus policies?

Graduate students in Mass Communication Teaching are designing course syllabi for undergraduate communications courses. One of the resources I’ve alerted them to is the University of Florida Policy on Course Syllabi. Here’s a question about the use of the policy information.

Q: How closely can we parallel our syllabus to the general syllabus outline provided by the University of Florida? In other words, can we borrow some of the basic outline “jargon” from that syllabus, or should we try to put everything in our own words?

A: The University of Florida began providing a policy on syllabi in Spring Semester 2002. The goal would be to make sure that all faculty members, teaching assistants and adjuncts are including information that is important to having a well-organized and clear syllabus for students and for the instructors. So UF would be glad to have you use any wording from their guidelines.

Does your university or college provide guidelines about designing syllabi?

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