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Jaclyn Sherman recording an online class at the University of Florida

Online teaching requires planning — and a great deal of course content creation even before the course starts

I observed as Jaclyn Rhoads presented the last lecture for the semester. She offered advice on how the students could apply what they had learned in the course to the workplace. She thanked the students for their effort in the course. An interesting element in this scenario is that the course doesn’t start for two […]

Al Neuharth’s legacy included support of journalism education

A legend in modern-day journalism died yesterday – Al Neuharth, the founder of USA Today. I’ve read a number of the stories following his death that talk about his life and work in journalism, but those stories haven’t talked about an important part of his legacy – his contributions to journalism education. I’ve been fortunate […]

Instructional design and Pope Francis — incorporating current news adds relevance to class

Pope Francis helped me teach class this week. Every semester, I teach a class introducing the field of and functions of public relations. That introductory lesson then builds into a teaching unit or module on public relations. As you know if you’ve taught a course more than once, teaching a class that you’ve previously prepared […]

3 ways the Wienermobile contributed to learning in my Multimedia Writing class

By combining learning objectives and the Wienermobile, I had a memorable teaching experience! When I received the email blast that the Wienermobile was going to be visiting the University of Florida campus to recruit students to work as brand ambassadors for Oscar Mayer, I looked at the course syllabus to see how the Wienermobile’s timing […]

Session lets faculty and students share favorite apps for teaching and learning

Anyone with a smartphone knows that one of the best feature of such a phone is the apps. The challenge is determining which apps are the ones to download and use. Judy Robinson and I coordinated an App Share as a session at the Scholastic Journalism Division’s meeting to let members share apps and let […]

Curriculum Panel 2

Panel discuss tailoring the curriculum to the realities of the 21st century

by Casey Kochey The second session  on today’s agenda at the Scholastic Journalism Division’s AEJMC midwinter meeting is a panel discussion, titled “Where do we go from here?” focusing on developing relevant journalism curricula for the 21st century. The panelists – Vanessa Shelton, Bonnie Layton, Karla Kennedy and Julie Dodd – shared some general thoughts on […]

AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division holds midwinter meeting at Poynter

The midwinter meeting of the AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division is getting underway at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg. Members of the division from across the country will be there for two days of discussion about journalism education at the high school and collegiate levels. We’ll have guest speakers Kenny Irby (Poynter) and Jeff Klinkenberg […]

6 tips for handling the challenges caused by students adding your course

One of the unexpected challenges of teaching at the college level is add/drop. Add/drop is the official time students have to add or drop a course. This time period typically lasts for a few days or a week at the beginning of each semester. For students, the challenge is often financial. Adding a class past […]

3 tips for creating a syllabus

One of the most important homework projects for faculty is happening right now, before the start of school. Developing course syllabi. Here are three tips for creating a syllabus that will be a foundation for success for the semester for both you and for your students. Tip 1 – Start by determining your course goals […]

3 insights from BuzzFeed on preparing for jobs in social news

As a faculty member who always is on the quest to help my college media students be better prepared to enter the job market, I’m very interested in what the media job market is. What the jobs are for college grads? (Many of the current media jobs didn’t exist even a few years ago, like […]