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Seeking an internship — 5 factors to consider

I recently received an email from a student asking my advice about internships. As many college students are interested in having an internship, I thought my answer to her could be useful to others. From the student’s email: I am a rising senior this coming school year, and I only have 4 classes to take […]

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Job interviewing tips — Prepare, Rehearse, Be Confident

If you’re trying to get an internship or job, you know that a critical part of the hiring process is the job interview. Here are three tips for success for job interviews from Nadene Reynolds, Senior Assistant Director for Professional Development and Experience in the University of Florida’s Career Resource Center. Tip # 1 – […]

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Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ provides advice for twentysomethings to maximize their time in college

Dr. Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter — and how to make the most of them now” was recommended to me by Nicki Karimipour, a twentysomething doctoral student who is a teaching assistant with me. We both read the book and are discussing what we’ve found most interesting about the book. This […]

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Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ offers useful insights for Millennials and the teachers and bosses who work with them

I’m very interested in the Millennials, in large part because I am a college faculty member and have been teaching Millennials since they started arriving on campus about 2000. [The Millennial generation group has birth dates from 1982 to the early 2000’s.] Every semester, I work with about 200 Millennials in undergraduate and graduate courses […]

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Technology can help in solving problems in face-to-face classes

Technology helped me solve a teaching problem caused by the school calendar. I teach a Tuesday/Thursday class and usually have two class meetings at the beginning of the semester before students complete their first graded assignment – a cover letter and résumé for a media-related internship. This semester, classes started on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, […]

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7 tips for starting your own magazine

I recently received an email from a former student who is interested in starting up a magazine with a friend. She sent me a slideshow of the plans they have for the magazine and asked for my advice. I typically receive an email like this at least once a year. I applaud students who are […]

7 tips for recruiting references for jobs, internships and graduate school

A key part to the job process for most jobs is being able to provide references. You can make it through the first rounds of the application process based on your résumé or curriculum vitae, your portfolio, and your own interviewing skills. But for most jobs, contacting references is part of the process of narrowing […]