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3 ways the Wienermobile contributed to learning in my Multimedia Writing class

By combining learning objectives and the Wienermobile, I had a memorable teaching experience! When I received the email blast that the Wienermobile was going to be visiting the University of Florida campus to recruit students to work as brand ambassadors for Oscar Mayer, I looked at the course syllabus to see how the Wienermobile’s timing […]

Police beat reporter for The Alligator offers tips for covering the police beat

What’s involved in writing a police story? That’s what my students in Multimedia Writing are asking because now they have to write a police story — for a grade. Most students in the class have never written news stories before and most don’t read police stories. So we spend time discussing how reporters obtain information […]

3 kinds of job interviews to be prepared for

A key part of getting a job is being successful in interviews. Often we envision the interview as being one-on-one with the person making the hiring decision. And that is how some interviews work. However, you need to be prepared for several other kinds of interview. 1. Being interviewed by a screener This kind of […]

5 tips for using Twitter

Twitter is a topic of discussion in quite a few forums beyond Twitter itself. News organizations attribute to sources who have posted tweets. People of all ages report learning of news events first not from TV or online news but from Twitter. On Twitter, you can follow politicians (@BarackObama and @MittRomney), athletes (@TimTebow or @Candace_Parker) […]

3 steps for setting up and utilizing LinkedIn connections

This is the third installment in the helpful advice from Andrea Carroz and Erica Hernandez about making the most of your LinkedIn profile. Previously, they wrote guest posts on: 9 steps for creating your LinkedIn profile Improve your LinkedIn profile by listing coursework, describing work duties and joining professional groups They were motivated to write […]

Five things you should know about attending professional conferences — observations about the SPJ & RTDNA conference

Attending professional conferences can be very helpful for cultivating contacts and learning the latest on trends in the field. For graduate students, attending professional conferences can be especially important, as the students will be on the job market upon graduation and those professional conferences can be an opportunity to network. Ashley Carnifax, a doctoral student […]

From House Beautiful intern: 3 ways class prepared her for being an online editorial intern

I asked Lauren Gonzalez, a former student from last spring, to share insights she gained from being an intern for House Beautiful. She worked in the Hearst Tower in New York City. Here are her experiences, observations and recommendations: This summer I was an online editorial intern for House Beautiful, a decor magazine owned by […]