BlogHer 2011 provides surprise opportunity to see former students

I was standing in the long registration line at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego. Finally, my name was called to pick up my name tag.

A gal standing nearby turned around. It was Brooke Aronoff, a former student of mine at UF.

“I heard your name and just had to see if that was the Julie Dodd I knew,” she said.

We were both amazed to see each other in San Diego and started talking about our UF connection.

And then another gal in line turned around.

Another former UF student — Randi Zucker.

Brooke is attending BlogHer 2011 working for Lippe Taylor in New York City and is working the exhibit floor for Nestle.

Randy is working for genconnect and is part of a video crew that is filming the convention.

So often as University teachers, we don’t know what happens to our former students.

What a great bonus to attending BlogHer, seeing two former students — who are employed in the media and are enjoying their work.

One comment

  1. Dr. Dodd – It was SUCH a great surprise to see you at BlogHer 2011! Hope you had a great experience! I will be in Gainesville the weekend of October 1st if you will be around! Take care!


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