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10 tips for your LinkedIn profile

Improving your LinkedIn profile is the topic University of Florida doctoral student Charlotte Bolch and I will be discussing as part of my talk on networking on the University of Florida’s Graduate Student Research Day. When I was invited by the Organization for Graduate Student Advancement and Professional Development (OGAP) to be the luncheon speaker, […]

Post-doc positions provide research and professional development

A major topic of discussion in my Mass Communication Teaching is the faculty job market. Doctoral students have asked about the possibility of post-doctoral programs as a job option. I’ve asked doctoral student Kelly Flowers to share some research she has done on post-doc positions. by Kelly Flowers Ph.D. student, University of Florida In an ideal world, […]

Interviewing at UF's Career Showcase

Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ provides advice for twentysomethings to maximize their time in college

Dr. Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter — and how to make the most of them now” was recommended to me by Nicki Karimipour, a twentysomething doctoral student who is a teaching assistant with me. We both read the book and are discussing what we’ve found most interesting about the book. This […]

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Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ offers useful insights for Millennials and the teachers and bosses who work with them

I’m very interested in the Millennials, in large part because I am a college faculty member and have been teaching Millennials since they started arriving on campus about 2000. [The Millennial generation group has birth dates from 1982 to the early 2000’s.] Every semester, I work with about 200 Millennials in undergraduate and graduate courses […]

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4 tips for creating business cards

Having business cards is a useful part of your professional profile, especially if you are on the job market or are in college and anticipating going on the job market. I’ve asked Nicki Karimipour, a doctoral student at the University of Florida, to talk about decisions to be made in creating business cards. by Nicki […]