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Cedar Waxwings and Robin flying in Sabal Palmetto Palm

Cedar Waxwings and Robins feast on palm berries

Every winter, I look forward to the possibility of the arrival of Cedar Waxwings as they migrate. They visit to re-fuel on berries. Sometimes that happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. When I saw red berries on the Holly and ripe berries on the Sabal Palm in the yard, I was hopeful. I charged the battery […]

Cedar Waxwings arrive

When the berries on the holly tree in my yard are ripe, I start looking for the Cedar Waxwings. Some years the Cedar Waxwings don’t come to town. The timing of ripe berries in the trees doesn’t coordinate with the migration of the Cedar Waxwings. Sometimes the Cedar Waxwings do arrive, but you can miss […]

Cedar Waxwings - photo by Julie Dodd

Cedar Waxwing murmuration promotes thoughts on teaching

I could hear them. That high-pitched whistle. Then I could see them at the top of the tree near where I had parked my car. Cedar Waxwings. I’m a bird enthusiast and the Cedar Waxwings are one of my favorites. My first “research” paper was on the Cedar Waxwings – a report for second grade, […]