Cedar Waxwings and Robins feast on palm berries

Cedar Waxwing in flight with Robins at birdbath

Every winter, I look forward to the possibility of the arrival of Cedar Waxwings as they migrate. They visit to re-fuel on berries. Sometimes that happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.

When I saw red berries on the Holly and ripe berries on the Sabal Palm in the yard, I was hopeful. I charged the battery in my camera and put on the long lens, so I would be ready.

Then one morning, I sighted a group of Robins perched on the birdbath. That was unusual, as Robins, like the Cedar Waxwings, are rare visitors. I rushed to get my camera and returned to the kitchen window to watch and photograph them.

Cedar Waxwing joining Robins on birdbath

Then a Cedar Waxwing flew in and joined them at the birdbath.

Robins and Cedar Waxwing on birdbath

In a few minutes, a swirl of Cedar Waxwings arrived, swooping in to land on the birdbath — and the Robins flew away.

Cedar Waxwings on birdbath

When the Cedar Waxwings flew off, I moved to the front yard to check the trees. I heard their high-pitched whistle and spotted them in the Sabal Palm.

Cedar Waxwings eating berries in Sabal Palmetto Palm

I zoomed in with my camera to watch dozens of the Cedar Waxwings — and a few Robins — feasting on the berries. The Cedar Waxwings would pluck off a berry and swallow it whole.

Cedar Waxwings feeding on berries

Sometimes the birds would fly off, carrying a berry. Other Cedar Waxwings perched in nearby trees would swoop in for their turn dining on the berries.

Cedar Waxwings and Robin flying in Sabal Palmetto Palm

Even with all the aerial antics and eager eating, no mid-air collisions occurred.

In less than an hour, all the berries were consumed. The Cedar Waxwings and Robins flew off to find the next trees with ripe berries. And I was grateful to have the opportunity to watch and photograph these beautiful birds.

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