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Can computers take on grading essays — and do we teachers want that to happen?

Because I teach classes that focus on teaching media-writing fundamentals, I always have a stack of papers to grade. Those papers are with me for those times that provide grading opportunities. Not just at my desk but at doctors’ appointments, on airline flights, during halftimes of televised sports events, during long car rides (if someone […]

Virtual-TA program provides outsourced grading

The headline of the Chronicle of Higher Education story caught my attention: “Outsourced Grading, With Supporters and Critics, Comes to College.” I was reading the Chronicle’s e-mailed list of headlines, and I clicked on this story. For teachers of subjects like writing, grading seems like a relentless part of the educational process. Students need to […]

Cinderella and the grading deadline

I couldn’t hear the clock ticking, but I was reminded of the passing of time as Century Tower chimed every 15 minutes. The deadline was getting closer for having the students’ last lab assignment graded and ready to return. I’d told the students that their materials would be ready for pickup at 3 p.m. today. […]

Teachers and students feel snowed under at the end of the semester

When I first saw the falling snow feature for WordPress, I thought the look wouldn’t work for my blog. After all, I’m teaching in Florida and just ran wearing shorts and a T-shirt. But then I thought of my desk and dining room table. I’m snowed under with papers to grade. This is that time […]