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Titanic fact error - letter to editor

Washington Post’s Titanic fact error shows importance of fact checking

Poynter reported that fifth graders who had been studying the Titanic disaster discovered a fact error a Washington Post reporter made in writing a story about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. The students wrote a letter explaining that the date the Titanic hit the iceberg was a different day than when the Titanic […]

ShowMe app allows user to add audio to photo file

As a bonus iPad app, Beth Fitts shared ShowMe, which goes beyond just sharing an image. Beth demonstrated by explaining how she would use ShowMe from a teaching perspective. She opened a photo she had taken from the presentation by Aaron Manfull. She showed how she could circle information on a photo, if she wanted […]

Judy Robinson gives six tips for search engine optimization

by Casey Kochey and Christine Eschenfelder Dr. Judy Robinson is shifting gears a little with a discussion on SEO (search engine optimization). 1. Use YouTube – Judy Robinson says YouTube is the second most powerful search engine.  Including your URL before any other information in a video description can drive users to your site. 2. […]

Teamwork helps in live blogging

Live blogging has kept me busy during the Scholastic Journalism Division meeting at Poynter. I’ve appreciated the assistance with the blog by colleagues Judy Robinson and Cheryl Pell, who have shot photos for me. Casey Kochey and Christine Eschenfelder, graduate students with me at the University Florida, have been assisting — taking photos, helping with […]

Lola Burnham’s research on student creation of fake MySpace pages provides implications for school media

Lola Burnham (Eastern Illinois) is presenting her research on “Can MySpace be School Space: Confusion Abounds.” Lola provided overview that although the two MySpace cases aren’t about scholastic media the cases do have potential implications to student media. J.S. vs. Blue Mountain School District case – Students created fake MySpace profile for school principal. Created […]

Peter Goodman describes creation of high school summer workshop at Hofstra University

Thanks to Casey Kochey for a guest post on Peter Goodman’s presentation “Hofstra High School Journalism Institute.” by Casey Kochey Next on the agenda is Peter Goodman, who runs the Hofstra High School Journalism Institute ( at Hofstra University.  The program brings in 10 high school students from Long Island, New York, every summer to […]

5 more tips for setting up website

Aaron Manfull is offering advice about organizing the new media staff and rethinking coverage. 1. Start small and increase in increments. Can add Facebook and Twitter after site is created. 2. Do a soft launch. Set up the site and start posting. Then promote it. That way you have ways of working out any problems […]

You may need iPhone, iPad and laptop to keep up

Our opening session with Ellyn Angelotti helped get us all online — checking websites that speakers are discussing and posting to our Twitter feed — #sjd2012 And it is taking most us more than one device to keep up with it all.

American Student Radio plans to involve students in publishing on national level

  Two students and a faculty member are discussing Indiana University’s American Student Radio. The project launched to help give students more media experience. Barbara Anguiano and Julia Meek shared the project from the students’ perspective. Sarah Neal Estes is talking about how American Student Radio has become a good learning experience with students receiving […]

What are ethical and legal issues involved in using a photo discovered on Twitter?

We’re talking about the interaction of Twitter account –with retweeting. Shift in some cases from byline outlook to “let’s build this story together.” Ellyn Angelotti introduced the story of the student who took a photo of the shuttle launch while on a plane en route to a family visit in Florida. She sent two of […]