5 more tips for setting up website

Going online has challenges but those challenges are outweighed by rewards for the students, Aaron Manfull says. Photo by Casey Kochey

Aaron Manfull is offering advice about organizing the new media staff and rethinking coverage.

1. Start small and increase in increments. Can add Facebook and Twitter after site is created.

2. Do a soft launch. Set up the site and start posting. Then promote it. That way you have ways of working out any problems before it’s “live” for the school.

3. Promote every chance you get — email alerts, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, news website, contests, crosss-promotions between print and Web.

4. Set up levels of administrative access to the Web.
Just as with print product, editors review work before it goes online — with editors (and not all staff) having administrative access.

5. Rethink the staff structure of media.
No longer having one person handling the website — the website is at the core of what everyone is producing.

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