What are ethical and legal issues involved in using a photo discovered on Twitter?

We’re talking about the interaction of Twitter account –with retweeting.

Shift in some cases from byline outlook to “let’s build this story together.”

Ellyn Angelotti introduced the story of the student who took a photo of the shuttle launch while on a plane en route to a family visit in Florida. She sent two of her photos through Twitter, which went viral. (I blogged about this story myself.)

Ellyn asked us what we would we do if we’d been the media and had seen her photo on Twitter.

Would we use it?

How would we find out if the photo was real?

Would we contact her? How would we find her?

Should we pay her?

This led to a good discussion of the exchange now between “the media” and people who have photos or stories of news value.

By the way…The St. Pete Times (now Tampa Bay Times) did contact her and used her photo on the front page.

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