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What are ethical and legal issues involved in using a photo discovered on Twitter?

We’re talking about the interaction of Twitter account –with retweeting. Shift in some cases from byline outlook to “let’s build this story together.” Ellyn Angelotti introduced the story of the student who took a photo of the shuttle launch while on a plane en route to a family visit in Florida. She sent two of […]

Analyzing two Twitter accounts that represent The Chicago Tribune

We’re now comparing two Twitter accounts for The Chicago Tribune — @chicagotribune vs. @ColonelTribune @chicagotribune – Headlines.10,000 tweets, 334 following, 68,800 followers. @ColonelTribune – More conversational with engagement with followers. Also has opinions about stories. 18,276 tweets, 23,443 foloowing, 817,382 followers. How many people are behind each of the Twitter? Do we know who those […]

AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division kicks off meeting at Poynter Institute

The sun is shining. The temperatures are in the high 70s. A light breeze is blowing. Great weather for the start of our mid-winter meeting at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg. David Bulla, division head, has welcomed us and asked everyone to introduce themselves. With a few announcements about sessions and evening meals, we’re […]