Judy Robinson gives six tips for search engine optimization

by Casey Kochey and Christine Eschenfelder

Dr. Judy Robinson is shifting gears a little with a discussion on SEO (search engine optimization).

Judy Robinson – Photo by Julie Dodd

1. Use YouTube – Judy Robinson says YouTube is the second most powerful search engine.  Including your URL before any other information in a video description can drive users to your site.

2. Use headers when writing – Remember, a reader can’t tell the difference between a header and bold text, but a crawler can.  Search engine crawlers pick up headlines before body text, so use them effectively.

3. Use Google Adwords’ keyword tool – Allows you to see how users are searching for information that you are providing.

4. Choose titles carefully – Base your title on keywords, not cleverness, or your best visitor might not find you.

5. Tag your photos – Crawlers read tags on images, and people using Google Images or similar services can end up at your site because of the image tags.

6. Tag blog posts – The more tags, the better.  Make it easy for users to find your site using search engines.

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