8 apps for your smartphone or iPad

by Casey Kochey and Christine Eschenfelder
The panel is back on the stage to offer their picks for the top eight apps for smart phones and tablet computers. (Here’s the PDF of their picks — ipad-innovations)

Julie Dodd presented the first two choices:

1. The AP Stylebook – It’s searchable, portable and fairly inexpensive.

Julie Dodd – Photo by Christine Eschenfelder

2. Autostitch Panorama – Shoot photos separately or in the app and stitch them together to create a panoramic image.

Judy Robinson took the stage to deliver the next two picks:

3. Zinio – Zinio is an application that allows you to subscribe to and read print magazines on your mobile device.

4. Keynote on iPad – Mac’s version of PowerPoint is an easy-to-use presentation software that allows you to take all your presentations with you.

5. Keynote Remote for iPad – Connects with Keynote on your iPad to allow you to control your presentation.  It even lets you read your notes from across the room!

Cheryl Pell offered a few suggestions of her own:

6. Mood Board for iPad – Compiles photos and text into a collage.

7. More magazines – The iPad allows magazine producers to incorporate content and interactivity that the print version can’t accomodate.  Reading magazines on your mobile device offers a completely different experience.

8. LetterMpress – This app allows the user to create interesting designs using typography and makes a number of fun sound effects for those missing the days of noisy printing presses.

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