2, 4, 6, 8 — Another live-blogging update: Cheryl Pell’s design tips

by Casey Kochey and Christine Eschenfelder
Cheryl Pell is the next up with more tech tips for instructors:

Cheryl Pell – Photo by Julie Dodd

3. Cheryl says to bookmark some of your favorite sites for design inspiration, showing a great clip on Vimeo, which she has tucked away for another day.  She also talked about Cover Junkie, a site which stores old magazine covers.  You never know when an interesting, inspiring link may be useful.

4. Embrace typography – Cheryl says that typography is an underappreciated element of teaching.  Choosing interesting type can provide the wow factor that is often missing from student work.  She shared some interesting sites dedicated to the art of typography – Linzie Hunter, Font Fetish, I Love Typography, Paula Scher and Axis Maps.

5. Seek new ways to tell stories – With traditional media outlets trimming their staffs, media workers are seeking out new, alternative ways to tell their stories.  Again, she shared a number of great links – All Thrifty States and The Momentus Project.

6. Take your daily design vitamin – Design matters.  Take time to be interesting and different.  There are lots of great sites to get ideas and see what others are working on – Newseum, Charles Apple at ACES, and News Page Designer.

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