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Projects provide effective learning experience for students and can be great experience for teachers, too

Projects. Projects can be a rewarding teaching approaching and a beneficial learning experience. But project-based learning can be challenging for both teachers and students. Edutopia, a resource of the George Lucas Education Foundation, has posted several helpful articles about “How You Can Do It: Project Learning.” The series of articles provides excellent tips and advice […]

Join the celebration of National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day. How exciting! Wait, that may not be grammatically correct. Are those sentence fragments? Should I avoid using an exclamation point? Let me try again. Isn’t it exciting that today is National Grammar Day? I almost missed the big event, and my students would have, too. Thank goodness that Sandy Woodcock, director of […]

Practicing with H2 Zoom audio recorder at the JEA/NSPA convention

Georgia and Wayne Dunn recorded sections of the JEA membership meeting. Georgia was trying out the H2 Zoom that the mentors received as part of their audio training. Georgia and Wayne are mentoring in Ohio and were selected to be part of the first mentoring group. Their work is funded by the Ohio Newspaper Association.

Airport audio lesson en route to JEA/NSPA convention

Martha Rothwell (North Carolina) and I started the audio training while in the Charlotte Airport waiting for our flight to St. Louis. Judy Robinson and I ran into Martha and Kay Phillips in the airport and didn’t want a learning opportunity pass us by. We were en route to the JEA/NSPA convention, where one of […]

New Teacher Center Executive Director Ellen Moir leads focus group

Focus group with New Teacher Center Executive Director Ellen Moir (third from the right). That’s our Linda Puntney to her right.