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We were ready to try out Mediasite, but Mediasite wasn’t ready for us

My 6th-period lecture on Thursday was to be the debut of Mediasite for me. I had decided I was interested in trying out this new technology setup when I learned that Gannett Auditorium was one of the auditoriums at the University of Florida that was to be equipped with Mediasite. Mediasite was being installed in […]

If the flu hits, teachers may be teaching at unusual times to access auditoriums with Mediasite electronic delivery system

Student organizations and those who have planned events on campus may have to change their meeting locations if the flu hits UF. An email from the Office of the Registrar alerted us that the nine big auditoriums on campus will be used  “for electronic distribution of classroom instruction” if the flu outbreak occurs. No meetings […]

UF announces plans to keep classes going even with swine flu outbreak

The email was sent to deans today, explaining UF’s developing plans for keeping classes going even if the university is hit with an outbreak of the swine flu. The dean of our college forwarded the e-mail to us. He had told of us of the coming of the e-mail yesterday in our faculty meeting when […]