If the flu hits, teachers may be teaching at unusual times to access auditoriums with Mediasite electronic delivery system

Student organizations and those who have planned events on campus may have to change their meeting locations if the flu hits UF.

An email from the Office of the Registrar alerted us that the nine big auditoriums on campus will be used  “for electronic distribution of classroom instruction” if the flu outbreak occurs.

No meetings or events can be booked in these auditoriums for the rest of the semester. Any meeting or event scheduled for one of those auditoriums can be moved in the case of the flu.

These are the auditoriums that are going to be wired with Mediasite, a “webcasting and knowledge management platform,” as it is described on the Sonic Foundry site.

Earlier this semester, my lecture assistant and I had hoped to try out a new technology application in one of the large auditoriums we teach in (1064 Weimer Hall). That’s one of the nine auditoriums that will be wired with Mediasite.

In checking the master schedule to find an open class period, we found that the auditorium is booked every period from 7:35 a.m. until 5:55 p.m., Monday through Friday — except from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. on Thursdays.

So it would appear that anyone who plans to hold class — or at least record class — in that auditorium will be starting early or staying later or teaching on the weekend.

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