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Short teaching activity leads to improved teaching for next teaching experience

One of Wilbert McKeachie’s excellent teaching tips is to provide students with low-risk assignments before they are to complete high-risk assignments. The example he gives is of writing papers. Assign a smaller paper that will have a low grade value before assigning a major paper that is a significant grade. With the smaller assignment, students […]

Considering how to put Slide:ology’s principles into practice

Today’s class was on using PowerPoint (or other presentation software) more effectively as teachers. The students’ preparation was reading Nancy Duarte’s “Slide:ology: The art and science of creating great presentations” and identifying 5 to 10 tips and strategies that they could use in creating slides for their own teaching. We started class with an activity. […]

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The flu could make Slide:ology required reading for UF faculty

In preparation for the potential of a flu outbreak at the University of Florida, the UF administration has announced ways that teachers will be expected to make their course materials available online for those students who cannot attend class because they have the flu and those who do not attend class because they do not […]