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Improv Acting class - University of Florida

Teacher Appreciation Week: Top teaching assistants demonstrate teaching strategies

Teacher Appreciation Week reminds us to think about the many wonderful teachers we’ve had and how they have contributed to our academic and personal development. I’m also thinking of what it takes to be one of those memorable teachers. As a member of the University of Florida’s Graduate Student Teacher Awards Committee, I have the […]

How teaching assistantships help graduate students, universities and university faculty members

The headline caught my attention — “The Essential T.A.” I’d agree with that. As a faculty member of a large introductory writing course, I consider teaching assistants to be an essential part of effective learning for the 250+ students in the course every semester. Each teaching assistant teaches two labs — a three-hour, once-a-week writing […]

Teaching challenge: Helping students and TAs connect in a large class

In today’s Mass Communication Teaching class, I proposed to the class that each class meeting we discuss a challenge that one of us is having in our teaching — or a teaching challenge that is anticipated. Our first challenge came from a class member who is teaching an auditorium class of 105 students. The course […]

MMC 2100 planning

Every Tuesday morning Paige Madsen, my lecture assistant, and I meet to discuss MMC 2100 past, present and future. We review the timeline for assignments and determine when to have quizzes. We divide up who is responsible for what task. Having the team effort is fun and helpful. One of our ventures is a new […]

Parking spaces available — but not for long

When I met with the 450 UF teaching assistants, I offered teaching strategies and advice. One of my pieces of advice was to be sure to have a transportation plan for next week when classes start. On a campus with 51,000 students, more than 5,000 faculty and administrative staff and maintanence staff, the competition is […]

Starting off the new school year

Tomorrow is a big day for education in Gainesville. The public schools have their first day of classes. At UF, not only are faculty holding meetings but the Graduate School is holding a two-day orientation for new graduate students. I’ve been in communication with the six new teaching assistants who will be teaching with me, […]

Teaching as a team

Even though teachers work with dozens and often hundreds of students, the experience can have some solitary aspects, as we typically are teaching on our own. It’s our course and our students, our lesson plans and our decisions. One of the aspects I really enjoy about teaching MMC 2100 is that it’s a team effort. […]

The benefits of collaborative teaching efforts

Teaching often can be a solitary activity even with a classroom filled with students. Especially for high school journalism teachers, you can be the one-and-only in your school. For me, working with six to ten teaching assistants and adjuncts every semester is a great experience. We discuss the why’s and how’s of the course, deal […]