Starting off the new school year

Tomorrow is a big day for education in Gainesville. The public schools have their first day of classes. At UF, not only are faculty holding meetings but the Graduate School is holding a two-day orientation for new graduate students.

I’ve been in communication with the six new teaching assistants who will be teaching with me, and they are excited about the start of school. For many of the graduate students, they have moved from another state and have given up jobs to enter graduate school. They are looking forward to new academic ventures and new opportunities.

I’m excited to be part of that process with them. I’ll be making a presentation to UF’s new teaching assistants about getting off to a good start in their teaching. The first time I was asked to make this presentation, I arrived and was amazed to see about 350 in the audience. That many new teaching assistants!

Some have taught in the public schools, as adjunct faculty or as TAs at another university. But most are beginning their first-ever classroom teaching experience.

Certainly teaching has been a wonderful experience for me. I hope I can help these new teachers have a successful start to their UF teaching experience.

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