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Town Hall Meeting generates discussion — but no specific conversation about the Journalism Department’s curriculum changes

The Town Hall Meeting’s panel discussion began with two questions from the moderator. 1) What does it mean to be a professional journalist and who will be the professional journalists in the future. For the most part, the panel agreed that who a professional journaist is will expand as more individuals will be working as […]

Town Hall Meeting provides opportunity for discussion between faculty and students

I was interested in hearing what my colleagues on the panel and I would say. The future of journalism is digital — and journalism now is digital. You don’t need to wait to take college courses to learn technology. Take courses online (newsu.org and lynda.com), read a book on a software application, work on it […]

Editors of student publications encourage students to get published

We’ve reached the time in the semester when the students in Writing for Mass Communication are working on a story that has publication potential. We instructors for the course certainly would like to see as many students as possible get published. By getting published, students have to go through the process of working with an […]