A blog post lost is a lesson (re)learned

computer keyboardToday’s entry is in response to why I didn’t have an entry yesterday.

We all have those computer situations where we are relearning a lesson we already learned. In this case, the wisdom of saving files.

Tumblr is a very easy-to-use blog program. After you set up your account and your blog template, you create an entry by clicking on text, photo, URL or video, and then add the appropriate content.

Yesterday, I had selected the text option and typed an entry. When I clicked on “Create post,” I received a message that the Tumblr site was being updated and an apology for any inconvenience.

The inconvenience was that my entry was lost. I had typed into the template, but the entry was not saved by Tumblr.

Today, I am typing in Word – and saving. I will then copy and paste my entry into Tumblr.

We all know the importance of frequently saving files. But those times when we lose a document, photo or other created work reminds us of the importance of saving in every format.

Then there’s the value of backing up. That’s a topic for another day. 🙂

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