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Thoughts on Teaching blog turns 9

9 years of blogging — rewards and insights

I recently received the blog birthday announcement from Tumblr. My blog is nine years old. I started the blog in 2007 because I decided to include blogging as an assignment in a media writing course that I was teaching at the University of Florida. I thought I’d better start blogging myself to be better prepared […]

Group writing promoted by writing retreats

This is the second of a two-part conversation with Kay Windsor about group writing. Kay is one of the 13 mothers who write Farther Along, a blog based on their group writing to help them deal with the loss of their children. Kay is a former high school English and journalism teacher and is the […]

Farther Along blog group

Group writing helps writers deal with grief and develop their writer’s voice

As a reader of blogs, you know that reading what others are writing – what they are writing about and how they are expressing themselves – is helpful in your own thinking and, potentially, is helpful for your own writing. I asked Kay Windsor to join me in a conversation about how group writing and […]

How stories in the news can help you in your teaching

What do Anthony Weiner, Rupurt Murdoch and Daniel Radcliffe have in common? All provide helpful examples for use in media classes. The recent stories about these three can be excellent for promoting discussion in class and connecting current events with media issues that your course includes. I’m going to talk about those stories, but stories […]

A successful thesis defense

It’s that time of year — the time for thesis and dissertation defenses. Those academic rites of passage happen throughout the year. But more defenses occur this time of year, as the deadline for turning in defended theses and dissertations for a May graduation is the end of March. Today was Holly Meade’s defense, and […]

BlackListed Magazine Online launches at UF

BlackListed Magazine Online is targeted to UF’s African-American community and launched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2008.

Anne Hull

Anne Hull: The power of a reporter’s notebook

Washington Post reporter Anne Hull told the students her reporter’s notebook gives her more confidence, as she is working “behind” the notebook. A reporting tip: At the end of the interview, she said she closes her notebook and often sees the subject relax. That’s often when something very useful is said — and she opens […]

Washington Post reporter Anne Hull offered advice on reporting and writing to students in Writing for Mass Communication at the University of Florida. Photo by Chas Bronson

Anne Hull offers tips on interviewing and writing during visit to UF

Anne Hull, whose stories have four times been nominated for a Pulitzer, was the Hearst Visiting Professional for UF’s College of Journalism and Communications. (Photo by Chass Bronson) Q&A: The students asked questions. I asked questions. Washington Post reporter Anne Hull answered them — with candor, insightful stories, humor and enthusiasm for her work as a […]

computer keyboard

A blog post lost is a lesson (re)learned

Today’s entry is in response to why I didn’t have an entry yesterday. We all have those computer situations where we are relearning a lesson we already learned. In this case, the wisdom of saving files. Tumblr is a very easy-to-use blog program. After you set up your account and your blog template, you create […]

papers being graded

Still grading…

Once the semester starts, “I’m still grading” seems to be an on-going line for me. With Writing for Mass Communication, the students complete at least one writing assignment every week. One goal for instructors is to evaluate that writing assignment and return the graded assignment to the students the following week. We hope that receiving […]