Little Greenbrier School was school destination for children growing up in the area that became the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Learnin’ and education

The children of the Smokies had many learning opportunities — how to churn butter, plant crops, make clothes, gather honey from hives, and preserve meat. But the families in the Smokies wanted their children to have the kind of learning that happens in a structured school setting.

Little Greenbrier School began holding classes in 1882. Some of the children who attended the school walked nine miles — each way — to school.

These early schools had the original blackboard — wooden boards painted black that had to be washed after written on with chalk.

Standing in the Little Greenbrier School was a reminder to me that teachers of every generation have some similar challenges but some very different challenges.

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  1. […] of our hikes passed the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse. When it was in operation, children walked more than 12 miles day day to attend […]


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