Indiana University High School Journalism Institute provides reunion with former HSJI participant

HSJI Reunion

The summer of 1993 — I was teaching a writing and reporting class for high school journalism teachers at the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University and Stacie Shane was one of the students in the course

Now it’s the summer of 2008. I am team teaching a teaching with technology course with Judy Robinson at HSJI. Stacie is working in public relations and marketing for the Army and is based in Indianapolis. She drove to Bloomington yesterday for us  to visit after Judy and I got out of class.

A benefit of teaching summer classes is having the opportunity to meet teachers and journalists from different parts of the country. I reconnected with Stacie when she was living in Kansas and contacted me when I was going to be in Kansas City for the Association for Education and Mass Communication convention.

Stacie always has stories that I can share with my students at UF, many of whom are interested in working in public relations or marketing. Part of her work involves Army promotional events, including professional football, NASCAR and America’s Army (the official Army game).

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