Gator Cyberslate: New addition to my Mass Communication Teaching class

Gator Cyberslate is a new addition to my Mass Communication Teaching class this semester. I set up this blog in Blogger as a team blog. Everyone in the course can post a blog and can post comments.

This is my first attempt at a group blog. I have heard mixed results of faculty who have used discussion groups in eLearning (WebCT/Blackboard). Some students and faculty are positive about being able to share their comments with the class in an online setting.

Students say they have more time to think about what they want to say than they do in class. Some students say they are more comfortable commenting online than in class.

The teacher can read comments before or after a class discussion and have a better understanding of the class members’ views.

But the online course management systems often are tedious to use — and even unreliable. And blogging is so much more “with it.” Even though blogging has been around for 10 years, it is just getting to be a fundamental part of mainstream media.

So a class blog can both allow for exchange of ideas and give all of us (and we all either are or want to be teaching communications classes) more online practice.

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