Mixed views on blogs, limited experience in blogging

I had anticipated that most of the graduate students in Mass Communication Teacher would have done blogging at some point and that most would be reading blogs. But that wasn’t the case.

Several were very enthusiastic about blogging. Those were the ones who either had an active blog or have recently had a blog. Most said they had never had a blog and didn’t read blogs. At least one was very opposed to the concept of blogs, as disseminating information to an audience should be restricted to those who are trained to do so.

I didn’t say too much about the blog in class other than to say we had differing opinions. What I did ask everyone to do was in next week’s blog to comment on a blog they read — or would find — that would be a good example of a media outlet’s blog or a blog about teaching. 

I think the experience of having to do some searching for blogs and reading of blogs will help everyone have the insight that blogs could be beneficial teaching tools for media classes. I’ll share some of the blogs with you.

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