Useful blogs & websites for college teachers

The assignment — find a useful blog

Week Two of the grad class team blog. I asked each of them to share a blog that would be useful to college teachers — either a blog about teaching or a media-related blog.

One student recommended — the Web site for the Newspaper Association of America. As a member of the Youth Services Committee for NAAF (the education component of NAA), I attended a meeting last month where one of the topics was about the soon-to-be-launched improved Web site.

So I was interested in seeing the site. Lots more information — and a more user-friendly site in terms of layout and searching. I was interested in reading Roger Fidler’s article on e-readers.

As an iPhone owner, about half of the news I receive is from my phone — with icons on my touch screen for NYT, Google news and AP news. The AP news is leading the way on providing multiple photos for stories and some stories with video.

I’ve also used the Kindle for newspaper and book reading and can see the real potential of it for personal and school use.

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