How technology is changing media delivery, teaching and my conference activities (blogging while on the panel)

During our meeting at Poynter we discussed how the media is changing, how media consumers are changing, how our students are changing, and how our teaching is changing.

  • Traditional newspaper reading is declining and newspapers themselves are decreasing in size or circulation or scope. We’re all reading online — on computers and mobile devices.
  • Newspaper in Education programs are being closed due to budget cuts. A few NIE programs are adapting by teaching newspaper use on computers or SMART Boards instead of bundles of newspapers.
  • Students say they can multi-task and often want to do so during our classes. We’re often telling students to stay focused in our classes but in meetings say we can multi-task with laptop computers and cell phones. (Paige Madsen photographed me blogging from my iPhone during the panel I was on.)
  • We have ever-changing and expanding options for sharing information and finding information and helping students learn how to be ready for the media industry. We can twitter as a way of quickly get news out. We can use to keep up with tweets. Facebook can be a way of finding sources or a way of sharing too much of our personal lives. We can use blogs as current examples to supplement our textbooks or maintain our own blog as a teaching tool.

We can be scared or excited or confused or liberated. We can wait for the next developments. We can help determine the next developments.

The mid-winter meeting was a wonderful opportunity to share information, concerns, ideas, tips and research with members of the Poynter staff and with our Scholastic Journalism Division colleagues.

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