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Thoughts on Teaching blog turns 9

9 years of blogging — rewards and insights

I recently received the blog birthday announcement from Tumblr. My blog is nine years old. I started the blog in 2007 because I decided to include blogging as an assignment in a media writing course that I was teaching at the University of Florida. I thought I’d better start blogging myself to be better prepared […]

Reading blogs can help you prepare to create your own blog

Class is underway for Technology for High School Journalism Educators. The group just learned that the big project for the week is creating a blog and creating content — text, audio, photos, links, etc. Judy is showing the class how to set up Google Reader to subscribe to blogs. From my iPhone

Blogging about on-the-job experience

Ilana Slott hoped I could help her solve a problem. She had just finished MMC 2100 last spring (2008) and had been offered an internship at News 12 in Long Island. That was near home for her so she could live with her parents for the summer. She’d be able to gain that important cross-platform […]

Blogging insights as an editor

Rebecca Lieb is the editor-in-chief of the ClickZ Network provides an interesting perspective as being both an editor and a blogger. As an editor, she encourages the site’s bloggers to have something to say. That would seem obvious, but she notes that sometimes you as a writer can get caught in the trap of thinking […]

How technology is changing media delivery, teaching and my conference activities (blogging while on the panel)

During our meeting at Poynter we discussed how the media is changing, how media consumers are changing, how our students are changing, and how our teaching is changing. Traditional newspaper reading is declining and newspapers themselves are decreasing in size or circulation or scope. We’re all reading online — on computers and mobile devices. Newspaper […]

Do you have a blog?

Two weeks ago, I asked the class, “How many of you have a blog.” About five did. Today in lecture, I asked that same question. The photo shows the change in numbers. [If everyone had been paying attention during the question, everyone’s hand would be raised.] Thanks to Lauren Maki for climbing the stairs to […]

Blogging as a class assignment

One of the reasons that I started a blog is because blogging is going to be a writing assignment in MMC 2100 this semester. I thought I should try out blogging before making it an assignment for the students. Tomorrow the lab instructors and I meet to discuss how to take what was a great […]