Blogging insights as an editor

Rebecca Lieb is the editor-in-chief of the ClickZ Network provides an interesting perspective as being both an editor and a blogger.

  • As an editor, she encourages the site’s bloggers to have something to say. That would seem obvious, but she notes that sometimes you as a writer can get caught in the trap of thinking that “you have paper to fill,” which can be the mindset with print publications. Online, you don’t have paper to fill. Blogs should be interesting and relevant, she says.
  • Blogging can be a way of expanding a story that’s already been covered — providing more information as it develops.
  • Blogs can provide the opportunity to include opinion. So the blog shouldn’t just be stating facts.
  • Blogs on ClickZ aren’t edited. All other articles are sourced, proofed, fact-checked and copyedited. But that’s not a “scalable model” for the blogs on the stie. So she counts on those who blog (and are paid to blog) to be “motivated to blog appropriately.”

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