Comparing Kindle readers

Kindle readers

The first version of the Kindle is on the left, and the newer version (distributed beginning February 2009) on the right.

The newer version has better keys for turning pages. The keyboard is also better. Both appear from these screen savers to be good for illustrations, but that’s actually a weakness of the Kindle. The ability to present visuals — including charts and photos — will have to be improved for a textbook version of the Kindle.

Both are easy to hold. Books can be ordered from the Kindle — great for when you are stuck in the airport and have finished the book you brought along (or the papers you were grading).


  1. Do you know if there are any malicious computer viruses or spyware directed at Amazon’s Kindle?


    1. Little Professor– I checked out your blog and see that you’re using a Kindle for gaming. My Kindle use is for reading books and newspapers. I haven’t heard about any viruses affecting the Kindle but decided to see what I could find online about your question — a discussion from May 2009 /;topic=8833.0


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