Short skirt situation in the headlines

Short skirt situation in the headlines

The short skirt wouldn’t have made the headlines if not for the absence of underwear.

As reported by Tampa’s Channel 10, a junior at Sickles High School in Tampa and the student’s mother are angered that the yearbook includes a photo of the girl that may be exposing her. The mother wants the yearbooks that were distributed to be confiscated, the remaining books not distributed, and the books all reprinted without the club photo that includes her daughter’s over-exposure.

The girl ackowledges that she didn’t wear underwear to school that day. In an interview with a Channel 10 reporter, the girl says she did that so she wouldn’t have a panty line showing.

She’s sitting on the front row in the group picture. It would seem that sitting on the back row would have been more prudent. And again the short skirt contributed to the exposure.

Should the yearbooks be confiscated?

Should the photo in question be blacked out or cut out of the yearbbooks?

Should the yearbooks be reprinted without the photo?

If the yearbooks are reprinted, who should pay? That certainly could cost as much as a lifetime supply of underwear for everyone in that club photo.

Did the girl realize what she was doing?

Did anyone on the yearbook staff realize a problem with the photo?

Based on the size of the photo, can anyone see a problem in the photo?

I bet the phone is ringing at the Student Press Law Center right now.

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