AP Stylebook now an iPhone app — at $28.99

photo-1 When I read Mallary Jean Tenore‘s story on the Poynter Web site that the Associated Press now has an AP Stylebook app, I was ready to go the App Store and download it. I’ve been waiting for an AP Stylebook app. The app seems like such a great application for media professionals, media students and faculty.

But then I read in the story that the cost is $28.99.

For those of you who don’t have an iPhone and haven’t visited the App Store, most applications are 99 cents up to $4.99. Literally hundreds of applications are free. So $28.99 is an expensive download.

According to Tenore’s story, Colleen Newvine, head of market research for the AP and product manager for the Stylebook, says the AP will give a two-for-one offer. Those who purchase the 2009 AP Stylebook app will receive the 2010 iPhone app for free.

The AP’s press release on the new iPhone app notes the first AP Stylebook was published in 1953 and was 60 pages that were stapled together. That was before my journalistic endeavors. But I do remember when the AP Stylebook went for several years with no new edition.

Now, every year the AP Stylebook has a new edition.

The students in my Writing for Mass Communication class ask how vital it is to have the latest edition. “Has the content changed?” they ask.

Technology developments, political groups and military warfare all contribute to new entries in the AP Stylebook.

One of the recent notable changes for us in a beginning media writing course was when the style rule changed for phone numbers from (212) 899-4743 to 212-899-4743. I’m still waiting for the year when the AP Stylebook drops the http:// for citing URLs.

Interesting that the contact information at the end of the AP’s own news release included www.ap.org and 212.899.4743. Neither of those follow AP style.

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