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A wet newspaper versus news delivery on a smart phone

An interesting old media/new media story for me today. I find my copy of this morning’s Gainesville Sun in my driveway — soaked. The paper was in one plastic bag, but the bag had ripped when the paper was thrown onto the driveway and then had landed in a large puddle of rainwater. I called […]

Bump app lets you transfer contacts between iPhones or Androids

A useful part of attending the SJD midwinter meetings is learning about new ideas to try — personally and in my teaching. You can see from my blog posts during the meeting that I have a list of Web sites and software to check out. I’ve already downloaded a new app — Bump. It’s free […]

AP Stylebook now an iPhone app — at $28.99

When I read Mallary Jean Tenore‘s story on the Poynter Web site that the Associated Press now has an AP Stylebook app, I was ready to go the App Store and download it. I’ve been waiting for an AP Stylebook app. The app seems like such a great application for media professionals, media students and […]

Requirement for college students to have iPhone or iPod touch?

Requirement for college students to have iPhone or iPod touch? My own experience with having to buy a new iPhone made me think about the college programs that have required students to have an iPhone or iPod touch. My first generation iPhone was only 19 months old when it lost its wireless ability. It didn’t […]

Uh oh — my iPhone’s wireless isn’t working

I’d done a Google search for “problem iPhone wireless.” I’d found several help pages and forums discussing the very problem my phone was having — my iPhone had quit recognizing and connecting to wireless networks, even the one in my house. I tried all the suggestions — turning on and off the airport mode, rebooting, […]

My iPhone — the reporter’s high tech notepad

Posted from my iPhone The high tech reporter’s notepad – One of the virtues of the reporter’s notepad is it’s size. You can hold it and write – even standing up. Blogging from the iPhone has that same ability…plus including photos and posting online. As I stand at Gate 15 in the Phoenix airport.