Uh oh — my iPhone’s wireless isn’t working

I’d done a Google search for “problem iPhone wireless.”

I’d found several help pages and forums discussing the very problem my phone was having — my iPhone had quit recognizing and connecting to wireless networks, even the one in my house.

I tried all the suggestions — turning on and off the airport mode, rebooting, removing all apps that didn’t come installed with the phone, turning off and on the wireless in the house. I retyped the list of 26 random numbers and letters that were my phone’s wireless access password so often that I almost memorized the number.

I set up a phone appointment with an Apple tech rep. We spent about 30 minutes trying different approaches. He e-mailed troubleshooting articles — and he also suggested an appointment at the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

So I made the appointment and the four-hour roundtrip drive to Jacksonville to the store. (The nearest Apple Stores all are about that distance — Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.)

The “genius” consulted the case number, took my iPhone in hand and tried a few things (including brushing out the earphone jack and the charger outlet with a toothbrush), and then announced: “Your phone is kaput.”

I couldn’t imagine life without an iPhone. Taking and sending photos. Sending and receiving text messages and e-mails. Reading the news online — USA Today, AP and Wall Street Journal. Having apps that include iChirp and LifeHacker.

So I bought an iPhone 3GS. I decided to get the 3GS instead of the 3G so I could try out shooting, editing on the phone, and sending video. The video in my previous post was my first experience.

With a few clicks of the sales representative’s mobile sale processor and my credit card, I walked out of the Apple Store with my new iPhone (with my same phone number) working and my “old” first generation iPhone that now is an iTouch.

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