Bump app lets you transfer contacts between iPhones or Androids

Bump app

A useful part of attending the SJD midwinter meetings is learning about new ideas to try — personally and in my teaching. You can see from my blog posts during the meeting that I have a list of Web sites and software to check out.

I’ve already downloaded a new app — Bump. It’s free and lets you “bump” hands with another iPhone (or Android) owner and exchange business cards. This is similar to beaming that I used to do with my Palm.

Download the app.

Set up a contact for yourself in your contact list.

In Bump, select your contact to be the one that is transferred when you “bump.” You can select what information you want to send.

Find someone else with an iPhone who has Bump and bump. In my first attempt at bumping with Cheryl Pell, we had to bump hands (each holding our iPhones) several times to get the info to transfer.

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