Student Press Law Center’s 35-year history

Mark Goodman (Knight chair for Scholastic Journalism at Kent State) and Megan Fromm (doc student at the University of Maryland) talked about the history of the Student Press Law Center. And both have been a part of the SPLC history.

Mark was the SPLC executive director for more than 20 years — starting six weeks after graduating from law school. Megan was one of the SPLC interns.

They talked about the changes in directors, budgets and priorities. Megan highlighted the major scholastic press cases during the organization’s 35 years. Mark talked about some of the SPLC student interns who contributed to the development of the organization’s programs and who now have moved into their own careers.

One of the interns Mark mentioned was Robert Bluey, who has a blog about online issues. I checked his site and found an entry that we can use in lecture next Tuesday when we talk about creating an online presence.

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