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RTDNA, SPLC and NSPA provide guidelines for publishing online, blogs and social media

The teachers in our High School Journalism Institute  have started their own blogs — posting photos, writing entries, including links, and writing comments on their classmates’ blogs. The discussion this morning moved to issues about legal issues related to having a blog — as an individual or using the blog for the student media. What […]

Student Press Law Center’s 35-year history

Mark Goodman (Knight chair for Scholastic Journalism at Kent State) and Megan Fromm (doc student at the University of Maryland) talked about the history of the Student Press Law Center. And both have been a part of the SPLC history. Mark was the SPLC executive director for more than 20 years — starting six weeks […]

Harry Potter amd Google searches

A Google search on almost any topic leads to links with visual materials — photos, video, graphics. Can I download and use those materials? That’s a good discussion to have with your students. Because a photo or video can be downloaded doesn’t mean that it is legal to do so. But many students think that […]