2010 Associated Press Stylebook makes important additions about social media

News release from the Associated Press


No longer Web site but website.

The inclusion of 42 entries on terms like unfriend, RSS, smart phone and search engine optimization.

The Associated Press Stylebook continues to move into the reality of key parts of life with the 2010 edition. The AP news release highlights the changes in the 2010 edition.

You can order s copy online from the Associated Press or can download the AP Stylebook app for the iPhone or iPod touch for $28.99.

The AP news release  includes a brief history of the Stylebook, saying the first edition was produced in 1953 and was 60 pages stapled together. The 2010 edition is 450 pages.

After reading about the 2010 AP Stylebook on Mashable: The Social Media Guide, I received an e-mail (and it still is e-mail in AP style) from one of the bookstores in town asking if I had a preference on which edition of the AP Stylebook was ordered for my course, Writing for Mass Communication.

Typically, my response would be that the new edition or the previous year’s edition would be OK, as the changes are minimal. But I e-mailed the bookstore that I want the students to have is the 2010 edition — not the 2009.

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