Effective Approaches to Integrating Multimedia in Reorting and Writing Classes

George Daniels @ Universty of Alabama – Beginning media class. Developed partnership with local newpaper’s blog for hyperlocal coverage. How much can be covered in a beginning class, as still need to cover the fundamentals of lead writing, AP style. etc.

Jill Van Wyle @ Drake – Promote mindset that students need to be able to learn technology on their own, not execting to run to the teacher for answers. One-hour tech lab for frshmen, then no gap. Every class must use technology to reinforce skills & take skills to next level.

Ann Schierhorn @ Kent State – All freshmen take 3-hour course taught by team of 3 faculty — audio, Web design (using WordPress) and video.

Judy Robinson @ University of Florida -The tools impact how you think about the task. If faculty and students know multimedia options, they will be able to have new ideas, envision different approaches, and know how long creating multimedia assignments may take.

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